How our trucker hats make life better

We know that every woman has different hopes, dreams and challenges.  Whether you're single, married, a mom or a grandmother, the one thing women want, is to feel beautiful no matter what they're doing.  Billie Jane's wants to help make that happen as simply as possible.

We live in a fast paced world working out , sporting events, fun days on the boat or at the beach.  Our hats are for all occasions, some are dressy and blinged with rhinestones, others let you tell your story, some will make people smile.  The one thing they all share is no matter what hat you choose you will feel just a little extra and more beautiful when you wear it.

There are lots of beautiful trucker hats out there, so why buy Billie Jane's? We make 95% of our patches.  This allows us to create things that are not like all the others. If you have something special in mind and don't see it on the website please feel free to contact us and let us create a beautiful hat just for you. We use high quality materials and work hard to make a beautiful trucker hat you will LOVE!